Every once in a while, synchronicity happens.

In September of 2008, at a small convention somewhere in New Jersey, I met a lovely and talented author by the name of Catherynne M. Valente. She saw my beloved map corset, and was utterly delighted. As it turns out, her new novel, “Palimpsest,” has an evocative and sensual cover with a strikingly similar map.

And thus was an idea born.

If you go to see the lovely Ms. Valente reading her work on her current book tour, you may see her wearing her very own MayFaire Moon, now named “Palimpsest” just for her. You will also hear passages from the novel itself: a tale Amazon.com calls “a lyrically erotic spell of a place where the grotesque and the beautiful reside and the passport to our most secret fantasies begins with a stranger’s kiss…

Are you intrigued? Have you been seduced? Do you want a Palimpsest corset of your very own? That can happen, you know. The Palimpsest Corset is available in both three- and five-lacing models, for $410 and $510 respectively.

See where it takes you.

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