Thank you ever so much for your interest in the TARDIS corset. I’ve had a ton of questions about it from the most fabulous Who fans all over the world, and it’s been great. I happen to also think it’s the ultimate item for a Doctor Who fan short of owning your own David Tennant, but you know, I’m probably a little biased. The panels, which were originally printed acetate (there are a lot of old photos on the ‘Net), are now custom decals on custom acrylic panels, with a bit of hand-painting, and foam backs. They are removable, so that the corset—of that distinctive blue, in silk dupioni—can be dry-cleaned.

As it stands, the exterior most closely resembles Eleven’s TARDIS (or, technically, also One through Four’s), but when you open the phone door, you’ll see Nine/Ten’s interior because, well, that’s the one I like the best so far. Should you have a particular TARDIS in mind, just let me know. We’ll be more than happy to tweak it for you. We’re also can also add both lights and sound. At present, we’re using electroluminescent panels and an mp3 player, because really, what’s a TARDIS that doesn’t light up and make the whooshy-brakes noise?  The corset comes in either three-lace or five-lace options, and the new pricing breaks down as follows:

5-lace with lights, sound: $1525
3-lace with lights, sound: $1425
5-lace, lights, no sound: $1475
3-lace, lights, no sound: $1375
5-lace, sound, no lights: $1425
3-lace, sound, no lights: $1325
5-lace, no lights or sound, with panels: $1325
3-lace, no lights or sound, with panels: $1225

I can, of course, make a wholly unadorned, regular MayFaire Moon custom corset, three or five lacings, in the same blue silk for $449 or $549, respectively. Click here for prices.

With most of my orders, I give a general timeframe of eight to ten weeks, but with the insane amount of interest on this project, which is far more complex, delivery will depend on when the order is initiated. I can give a better idea of a completion date at that point.

I offer payment plans of up to six months on any of my stuff, with a non-refundable downpayment of 30%. If I believe it will take longer to create your custom corset, you will, of course, have extra time to pay it off. If you think it’d take you longer than six months, let me know, and I’m sure we can make arrangements.

Shipping charges (including duty) are extra, and are determined by location, speed, and weight. I’ll happily ship anywhere, but outside the US, you may have to walk me through your country’s customs arrangements.

If you’d like to proceed, I can take your deposit via credit card, check, or PayPal– just let me know. I’ll send you a list of the measurements I need, and how to take them.

You can also check out the rest of to see examples of three- and five-lace corsets, and you can also follow the progress of the TARDIS corset on our Facebook page.

So thanks again! And remember: don’t blink! Good luck.


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  1. Hi, just a quick post to tell you how beautiful the outfit is and to make a request if I may. We have been selected as one of 50 couples to take part in a mass Dr Who wedding in London this November. I would love to have something special for my future bride to wear and of course it has to be Dr Who themed. Do you still have this dress and would you loan it for a one day out of this world wedding? I am going as the Tenth Dr with my son and best man going as Matt Smith Dr (11th) and Tom Baker Dr (4th). Can you help in someway ? We literally have no budget for any outfits so any help would be hugely appreciated. There is going to be huge media interest in this wedding with TV crews and National Newspapers attending.

    1. Oh, Lee, I am so terribly sorry. I didn’t see your comment at all– new site, and I’m not used to how it functions, yet. I beg your forgiveness!

      As for lending out the TARDIS, I’m afraid shipping costs alone are utterly ridiculous. International freight plus insurance ran me $300 when I shipped it to London over the summer. And I know “no budget” and “$300 each way” just do not match. I’m so sorry. If I had my own TARDIS, I would bring it to you, but mine is in the shop. Besides, putting a TARDIS in a TARDIS would rip a hole in the time/space continuum the size of Belgium, as we all know. I hope everything goes well, though– or did go well, if my atrocious timing has missed the event entirely. Many congratulations to you and your bride, and many happy years to you!


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