My first Indiegogo!

In just under a month, I’m heading to the beautiful land of South Korea. To say I’m excited is a MASSIVE understatement. But what I really want to do– and why I launched a crowdfunding page– is to bring back all the textiles I possibly can. Seriously. I want to drown in them, I swear. […]

Trunk show! Trunk show!

So. You gonna be in Lancaster, PA next week, maybe? Wanna come hang out with awesome people and eat homemade brownies and maybe try on some pretty corsets? Well, you’re in luck! Because I’m doing a trunk show nest week– December 13th, at 2pm to 5pm– just in time for you to pick up something […]

A new show– WOOT!

In case you don’t follow the MayFaire Moon Facebook page, I have a bit of news for you:   WE WILL BE AT OTAKON!   Very excited about this. While I’m used to doing shows that have a few thousand people a day, a show with 35k a day is going to be a new […]

Look where the TARDIS corset is now!

When the BBC decides to celebrate its second-longest running show (surpassed only my “Coronation Street,” I believe), they really go all out. Click here to see some of the festivities at Heathrow Airport, including an interview with the truly lovely Jenny Colgan, author of the brand-new Doctor Who novelisation “Dark Horizons,” featuring Matt Smith’s Eleventh […]

All About The TARDIS Corset

Thank you ever so much for your interest in the TARDIS corset. I’ve had a ton of questions about it from the most fabulous Who fans all over the world, and it’s been great. I happen to also think it’s the ultimate item for a Doctor Who fan short of owning your own David Tennant, […]

Looking for pics of the TARDIS corset?

For more information and photos of the TARDIS corset (and the maelstrom of press it’s been receiving), click here. We specialize in corsets for the more discerning wearer: all patterns are custom-drafted to individual measurements, fully steel-boned, interlined, and wrapped in silk, tapestry, leather— anything your heart desires. Special orders are welcome, and we love a […]

Announcing the Palimpsest Corset

Every once in a while, synchronicity happens. In September of 2008, at a small convention somewhere in New Jersey, I met a lovely and talented author by the name of Catherynne M. Valente. She saw my beloved map corset, and was utterly delighted. As it turns out, her new novel, “Palimpsest,” has an evocative and sensual […]