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In all-custom work, it’s difficult to determine a hard-and-fast standard pricing list. There are many variables I have to take into account: the difficulty of the project, the fabrics used, the amount of time the project will take, how much preparation is required, the availability of some materials, etc. All corsets are hand-made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from beginning to end.

While I custom-draft a pattern for almost every corset I make, I do have some corsets already on hand in various sizes and colours. These are available beginning at $699 for three-lace corsets, and $799 for five-lace corsets. Corsets made with matched patterns, overlays, leather, embellishments such as painting or charms, embroidered fabrics, or other specialty fabrics will be more.

Bridal gowns vary wildly, but most of my gowns begin at $3500.

A Place to Begin:

Major, one-of-a-kind projects such as gowns, cosplays, and the like are something I work out with my client in advance, and with very clear guidelines. I require half the final price down, and the remainder upon completion. I can accept credit cards via PayPal, and all personal checks must clear before delivery. Shipping is a separate charge– usually around $26 for a corset– and I’ll let you know how much it will be just before I send out your goodies. It’s always best to tell me what kind of budget you’re working with, so I can accommodate your financial requirements while still delivering a high-quality product.

For all corsets, I require a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure a spot in the production schedule. For bridal work, the deposit is 30% of the estimate. Production will not begin until at least 50% of the product is paid for. When the product is completely paid off, it will be shipped to you.

As I’ve been trained as a designer, the creative process of working out an idea from ephemera to pencil and paint is very, very important to me. I believe that clothing design is a highly involved, give-and-take process, with preliminary sketches, research photos, and a lot of communication between me and my clients. 

All fittings and alterations are included in my prices. I have done internet-only work, so as long as you can give me accurate measurements (I’ll send you a list of what I require) and ship mock-ups back to me if needed, I can still accommodate you wherever you live. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, of course, in-person fittings are best, though I’ve also been known to travel in special cases. Travel costs will be added in to the project’s price.

It is the nature of custom work to be personal and detail-oriented. We work with specialty importers and vendors from many different areas. As such, we will work our hardest for you, but WE CANNOT GUARANTEE DEADLINES. Obviously, time-sensitive items such as wedding dresses don’t have the option of a late delivery, but if you have something you need for a specific occasion, you must contact us as far in advance as possible– four months at the latest unless you are willing to pay for a rush job. We will be completely honest with you if we feel we can’t deliver your item in time, or if we feel we might have a problem getting materials in time. Also, you must make yourself available for fittings, if required.

FINAL NOTE: If your corset does not fit upon arrival, we will endeavor to make the changes necessary to make it fit. If you are local, we may send an assistant to check in person the fit of any alterations. If you are not local, we may send you instructions on how to check for the changes that need to be made. We will make all reasonable efforts to fix your product, but ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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